Love you Felicity! :)

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This was perfection.  They work so damn well together and I’m not even sure they realize it. 

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Oliver’s light… yes.

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Can you imagine Felicity helping Oliver with his kid?

the-timelord-girl-who-hunts asked: felicity isn't going to die, the person slade is talking about is olivers kid

Yeah… You’re probably right. That makes sense. 

So.. Oliver Queen is a daddy…


This is important:

"You deserve someone better. Someone who can harness that light inside of you. I’m not that person and I never will be." - Sara to Oliver

"Because of the life that I lead, I just think that it’s better to not be with someone that I could really care about." - Oliver to Felicity


"There is still one person who has to die…"


This Arrow episode…



Having very serious conversations about fictional universes is one of my favorite things to do.

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If I believe in one thing, Just one thing, I believe in her.

I know Felicity is not the Oracle but…

Dis homegirl be reading everybody’s mind and sayin’ shit before people have time to process anything. You go girl. 

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literally all I do is daydream about impossible scenarios

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I do homework the way guys fall in love with me - slowly, then not at all

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i’m really good at making plans and then not wanting to do them when the time comes

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